The below are a few tips to help you become more punctual.

1. Time your routine

Write down your typical daily routine (eating breakfast, commuting to work, working out, etc.) and estimate how long you think it takes you to complete. Then spend a week documenting the actual time it takes to complete your various routines.

2. Reverse engineer and add time

Reverse engineer the time needed to arrive on time. Start with the time you need to be somewhere and reverse engineering how long it will take to get there or transition into that meeting. Be sure to factor in foreseeable delays (slow elevator, red lights, etc.).

4 tips for never late again 1199x800 - 4 Tips For Never Ever Late Again

3. Embrace the wait

Often people are tardy because they try to maximize their productivity by packing in as many activities as possible. So arriving early to an appointment or meeting can feel uncomfortable or unproductive.

4. Prioritize sleep

Oversleeping is the second most common reason for arriving late to work. Sleep is critical for a productive and timely day. Oversleeping is often caused by a lack of sleep or a restless nighttime routine. It can lead to issues like being late for work or class

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