How to organize your time better? You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish each day with a bit of structure, prioritizing and commitment in your personal life and your office. Below we look at 4 time management tips you can implement today.

1. Set Goals

Goals are important not only because they provide a defined plan and direction to follow, but also because they allow you to measure and evaluate your progress. You are far more focused when you have goals in your life and workplace.

2. Use a To-Do List

Create to-do lists for each goal and project, listing all the measurable steps that need to be accomplished. Aside from keeping you focused, this also motivates you as you are able to see what you have already achieved, and what remains.

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3. Don’t Abandon Tasks

It is inevitable that some tasks will be interrupted or delayed half-way through. Make a point of always returning to and completing these tasks once you are able to. This may require you to set a limit on the number of tasks you are working on at any given time.

4. Prioritize

These are the tasks you should focus on first. If you have time available later you can start on tasks that are not important. Read 3 Time Wasters at Work That Are Killing Your Productivity.

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